bulletLearn Live from SuperGM Coaches in CircleChess Foundational Series!
bulletLearn Live from SuperGM Coaches in CircleChess Foundational Series!

About Circlechess

Chess is a game of discipline, focus, sharpness, determination, imagination, and dogged determination. A couple of years back, we began our journey as chess parents with both our sons taking interest, joy in the game. 🗺️

Along the path, we witnessed first hand the extent to which the chess ♟️ experience, learning and ecosystem lacked the penetration of technology in the game. While globally platforms such as chess.com and lichess did a phenomenal job supporting the spiking community interest, we first hand witnessed how massive an opportunity remained in tournament discovery, registration, and organisation.

At a time, when players were struggling to get quality, reliable coaching methodologies there were exciting success stories of coaches doing wonderful things to nurture this community. Chessbase India stood apart in this relentless effort to continuously sustain and better the infrastructure for chess enthusiasts across the country.

The spurt of new Grandmasters, young prodigies both within India 🇮🇳 and globally 🌎 reinforced the fact the game was here to stay and thrive, especially for the critical role it plays in strengthening the process of mental development of children in formative years.

Circlechess was born then. With time, we were fortunate to be joined by friends and professionals who shared our passion for the game. We started with a community Whatsapp bot enabling players to navigate their tournament experience and a learning platform that our children used to great advantage, gaining 300 points in a period of 4 months.

Today we are on our way to build a suite of Chess products that span to enable all stakeholders in the game. We are building a Tournament Manager that we call Chessmaster, to enable organisers to seamlessly create tournaments. We are also working on an exciting personalized learning platform for young Chess players. We will shortly take Circlechess Events live where we will host the largest tournament database in India. And the cherry on the top is the Circlechess Whatsapp bot 🤖 that weaves all these pieces together.

Gaurav & Swati